Why do People Buy?

In order to get through the noise, you must answer why they should buy from you!

(Click on the image to be taken to Simon Sineks TED Talk)

Do you know your why?
Do your customers?
Knowing why also allows you to effectively communicate:

  • What need you meet or problem you solve
  • The benefits and value your customer gets from doing business with you
  • How buying from you will make them feel

It’s your job to guide people and businesses to WANT to buy from you!

Perfect Your Pitch helps you do that by making sure that your pitch, your marketing and communications efforts are clear on these three things:


Your product or service solves a problem or fills a need for your customer. It’s key that you know what this is and how to communicate it so they want to listen more.

  This gets them curious!


Benefits and Value

What benefits do the features of your product or service provide? People LOVE features but… they BUY the benefits and value those features provide.

 This makes your value clear to them!



The need you solve and the benefits and value customers get make them feel like you understand them, their business and what they are looking to achieve.

This gets them to want to do business with you!